Thursday, March 12, 2009


It was an amazing day.

My friend managed not to get lost on the way to picking up our model (hoorah for guys and their innate ability for good direction! :). We drove until we reached our desired location and made our way to a section further inland by foot. Just as we reached the spot where we wanted to shoot, it started to rain! In this regard the photoshoot didn't really go as planned. But alas we did not let that stop us. We persevered. And the outcome turned out to look beautiful, fresh and moody.

Rain, Hail or shine, the spontaneity is what makes each shot different and unique. Learning to make the most of each situation is exciting and challenging..... the more i shoot, the more i love it!

I'm thankful for my friend who allowed me to follow him on this shoot, and although i mainly helped him set up his gear and lighting i learned a lot and managed to quickly grab the following shots.....

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