Friday, March 13, 2009


i'd say i'm a hopeless romantic - a victim of one too many "romcom" movies where two perfect strangers serendipitously meet and fall in love...... *happy sigh*... :)

i've also been told that my mind is constantly "off with the fairies" in some kind of "fantasy land" where everything is beautiful and things just happen to fall into place easily and happily. This can be detrimental, because when reality turns out to be, well, just that - reality, it tends to disappoint me......

these traits have at times been a 'curse' but i'd prefer to view them as a blessing from now on.... because it's what helps me strive to create beautiful, heartfelt portraits of two people so deeply in love with one another.... (i did warn you that i'm a hopeless romantic....!) like the one above.

That's probably why i'm so eager to be a part of the wedding/engagement/children photography industry.... because there's just so much love and happiness involved. How could anyone not want to capture a part of that magic!?

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