Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random wondering... again

i really love to wonder around. i'm one of those people who absolutely can not stand sitting at home. it drives me crazy. i love to enjoy the beauty of the littlest of things - small things amuse small minds??? >_<

anyway... on a gloomy saturday, my brother and i wondered around east perth, south perth and heathecote to get some pretty shots... :)

So in an effort to promote perth some more (jks!), i hope you like! :D


Colin Woon said...

"small things amuse small minds???" - LOL!

I like the wide angle shot of the city on the 3rd photo, really cool perspective! Now I know what Perth cityscape look like!

Nice portrait shots of your brother. I was hoping for some girls portrait but I guess guys for a change is ok too...hehehe...

1st shot is pretty arty and cool! Frame it!

Fadhila said...

aawwww such precious brother sister time.. how much did your bro like being a model?