Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{lifestyle photography in freo}

i had a bit of a wonder around freo with my friend a few days a go ... or maybe a week ago - i'm a lazy blogger. It was a freezing cold evening and we were both there for different purposes. He was there to try to get shots to create a HDR image... and i was there ... well... to wonder. I just wanted to capture the life in freo (hence the title of this post).

the first people we came across was a group of international students from america playing soccer.... and later resting while watching a beautiful sunset. They were keen to having their photo taken, so i took advantage of their willingness to model for me :) I didn't manage to get their name, but they did give me an email address to send the photos to... so hello to these lovely students if they happen to be reading this !! :D

after photographing this awesome bunch, i ran into some giggle children and met a sweet little girl.... she was also very willing to model and would smile sweetly at me for ages letting me photograph her :) isn't she cute? i love the sunlight shining through her curls.

it was wonderful to share the beautiful sunset with beautiful people. the rest of the evening was spent capturing the scenery around freo... i'm dead tired from waking up at 630am this morning so i'll be sure to upload them in tomorrows post!! :D :D


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Colin Woon said...

Great series of photos! My fav are the photos of the little sweet girl, she's so cute and her smile is just beautiful! You're right, the lights shinning on her face and hair is just perfect!