Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{freo in pictures}

I've heard so many stories about how boring a place perth is. and i must admit i have been guilty of spreading such complaints myself. but as i grow older i appreciate all the good things that perth does have to offer, like the ample opportunities and locations there are to just kick back and relax and the easy going nature of the people who reside here. i'm sure all the city folk - after they're done with their high fashion designer shopping and fast paced jobs - wish they had the time to enjoy such tranquility as the students playing soccer did that day in freo under a setting sun with the skies changing beautiful hues of colour with the air crisp and fresh all around them.... or like the family who brought their young children out to laugh and play.

really, what are we complaining about here in perth? here's a few shots to further emphasize my point about how lucky we really are here in perth :)


Colin Woon said...

A good promotional piece for Perth! Looking at the photos, you guys are definitely lucky there in Perth! Enjoy it!

Great photography!

heartsinthesky said...

lol thanks colin! that's why you should come and visit us in perth :)