Friday, April 17, 2009

The big TWO FOUR!

As we reach the precious age of 24, almost a quarter of a century old but not quite, we sit back and reflect on the importance of life. And the answer of that would be friends, family and food. For me anyway :) After a decade of friendship we gathered at my house to celebrate our friends 24th year on this earth! hehe. The theme was black and white (no, it's not that we don't like colour!!) and there was a delicious spread of food made by all of us!

Opening presents and not understand what the "i love PA" was all about. It's i love Peter Alexander! :p I caught her trademark pout though!

our present theme (seems like we're awfully into themes huh... we're really not!) was "sleep" hehe.

But you gotta sneak some makeup into the birthday pack.... we spotted this cute leapord cased eyeshadow/lipgloss from napolean....she like it too as you can see :p

The presents:

The buffet:

Champers time!
hiding from the cork....... hehe

trust me... there was more food on another table... this table just looked prettier :)

Me and my dimply friend (.^_^.) ehhehe

Twas a fun day... but playing host is TIRING and STRESSFUL......sigh.


Colin Woon said...

Happy 24 young! You have captured some great moments here. Very cool and great series of photos.

The 5th shot is funny, oppss...

2nd to last shot is awesome, I like the tones and lighting.

The last shot leads me to believe all girls in Perth are pretty!

Good job girl! Playing host is definitely not easy sometime but it's very rewarding when you have great moments like this!

Fadhila said...

Seriously, this was the ultimate birthday celebration for me, I had a lot of different bday outtings, but this was by far the best. BEST! Thank you so much for the venue and photos, most precious times of my life. I'm going to develop the group pic and put it on my desk. Love you sims.